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2 months ago by BLACK BULL
or you can try Face Recognition
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You post ALL THE TIME, often multiple requests for the same image, and you NEVER mark requests solved when you get answers. I know the answers to four or five of your recent requests, but you'll get nothing from me until you do the absolute bare minimum to show some gratitude to people who help you. All you have to do is click a button.
2 months ago
I help with peoples requests too & hardly ever get acknowledgement for it, I see you post answers to alot, keep up the good work
2 months ago
@dougiethedentist243 Thanks!

It seems to me that most people regularly marked their requests solved up until a few months ago. I'm quite curious about it. I don't think there was a site design change or anything. For a while I was getting 10-15 notifications of solved requests per day and now I will get a handful per week.

2 months ago
I solved one of his requests 26 days ago (and probably some of his others as well) and that STILL hasn't been marked as correct! Hell, i left a link with my answer so he would know it was her (so he wouldn't have to waste his own time to google her name and check for himself)
Not that the points matter or anything. It feels great to me (and tons of others) to help people out, feel appreciated for it and finally bring closure to their pic/vid request, maybe they have been trying to find out for weeks (perhaps even months)

When someone solves my request, i try my hardest to solve some of theirs as well (or at least confirm a couple of their answers) It's my way of thanking them. Just a simple "thanks" then confirming the answer & liking their comment is enough.

soomuchporn, i'm pretty sure you've helped me out at least 2-3 times, so thanks for that 👍

dougiethedentist243, i'll try to solve some of your requests, and confirm some of your answers.
2 months ago
Thanks spectre666, I appreciate that
2 months ago
So who the hell is she? She's Hot, Lol
2 months ago
Hot? kinda manly with a fake lookin' twat
2 months ago
So i found something, but don't get your hopes up. Apparently she did a small number of photoshoots (i'm guessing something like 3-5) it seems no one knows her name. Someone on Usenet posted a bunch of her photos, but now you cant download them anymore (but they were of low quality)

Here is another photo of her, i'm thinking this is the only other high quality photo of her. Any others would most likely be EXTREMELY rare or incredibly hard to find.
2 months ago
2 months ago
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